100 percent organic.

100 percent organic, non-GMO, non-China, Freeze-Dried fruit and veggies available from Natural News Store now 2 yrs ago, I was trying to purchase a long-term storable freeze-dried, non-GMO, qualified organic corn and I was shocked to understand there’s no sold at retail! As you probably already know, freeze-drying may be the No. 1 best method for preserving foods generic viagra . It pulls the drinking water out but leaves the taste, texture and nutrient articles almost 100 percent intact. All freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are technically RAW because freeze-drying takes place at below-zero temperatures.

HPV strain types 16 and 18 result in the development of cervical cancer, a disease this is the second leading cause of cancer amongst women. A lot more than 500,000 situations are diagnosed annually and it kills an estimated 275, 000 women around the global world every year. Other styles of the HPV virus cause genital and skin warts. The HPV’s that convey a higher risk of cervical cancer are contracted by up to around 70 per cent of sexually active ladies. Professor Frazer stated Gardasil would only protect women who were not contaminated with HPV, but he hoped to improve this in the future.

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