3D-printed ultrasound lets blind mom see unborn son These full times.

For most moms-to-be, it has become a cherished area of the bonding procedure. But moms who are visually impaired haven’t had the opportunity to share the experience – – until now. A video posted on YouTube by the Brazilian branch of the Huggies diaper firm shows the emotional minute when a blind woman got to ‘see’ her unborn boy for the first time, thanks to 3D printing technology. 30-year-previous Tatiana Guerra lost her sight at the age of 17.The researchers discovered that alemtuzumab – a medication originally authorized for lymphoma treatment, which costs around $2,000 – worked better than or as well as either basiliximab or antithymocyte globulin, which cost about $4,000 and $10,000, respectively. ‘Alemtuzumab has been around for almost a decade but has only been studied in single-center settings with mixed results. Its basic safety and efficacy have never been totally clear. We have answered an essential question for the transplant community now,’ Hanaway stated. Related StoriesStudy suggests combination of MMF and CNIs can protect against rare lymphomaSleep deprivation can effect end result of stem cell transplantation, study findsFindings reveal a new way to prevent meningitisThe use of these intensive immunosuppressants is called induction therapy.

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