5 Natural Hair Bad-Habits to Avoid if you would like to Grow Long.

While this is great and dandy, curly hair must not create a habit of drifting off to sleep without proper protection. Over time the friction from sleeping without coverage you could end up breakage and thinning. Instead rub a heavy sealing oil on those curls before bed and cover in a silk or satin bonnet or lie on a silk or satin pillowcase for ideal naturally curly hair care. 4. Sleeping in Ponytail Holders This bad habit entails going to sleep with a normal ponytail holder around your mind. This is definitely not a best practice for growing locks as you may see a gradual weakening of the locks at the place where the ponytail is held.Often there is a ‘hands-off’ approach to figuring out what may be causing missed appointments or medicine lapses, Gerber said. Instead, we should ‘try to find out what the problems might be because if we address them it could actually help their capability to come to the clinic, to consider their medicine, and maybe prevent them from becoming hospitalized, especially for diabetes-related problems,’ Gerber said. The grant, from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Illnesses, builds on a earlier pilot study carried out by Gerber and Sharp funded by the UIC Institute for Wellness Research and Policy.

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