A journal of the American College of Rheumatology.

Health Robotics provides integrated IV compounding and dispensing gadget and workflow solutions for hospitals and health systems using its i.v.v.v. The company's robotics-based IV automation solutions support more efficient and safe production of ready-to-administer IVs, helping to reduce medication mistakes thereby, increase medication throughput and reduce costs connected with IV dispensing and compounding. The acquisition of Health Robotics, the market head in IV automation, perfectly aligns with Aesynt's growth strategy, as it allows us to provide most satisfactory portfolio of pharmacy automation solutions in the marketplace, said Kraig McEwen, CEO at Aesynt. The price, footprint and throughput great things about Health Robotics' next-generation products truly place them and will enhance our comprehensive suite of solutions apart.92 % of Americans want the FDA to label GMO foods – Sign this labeling petition if you are one of them An overwhelming majority of Us citizens believe the U.S. Food and Medication Administration has a responsibility to require correct labeling of foods containing genetically-modified organisms . But to this full day, the FDA refuses to comply with the demands of the American people, who it really is supposed to represent, or with the law, which explains why your help is required to power this rogue company to finally step up and do the proper thing.

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