Abana Himalaya Alternative Medicine to treat Heart Diseases Whats Abana Himalaya?

* It promotes healthy blood circulation. * Abana Himalaya also improves the normal cholesterol and lipid amounts. * Helps in normal functioning of platelets. * Abana Himalaya herbal item is helpful in getting relief from stress, nervousness and anxiety. Side effects: Abana Himalaya herbal medicine is not recognized to have any unwanted effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.. Abana Himalaya – Alternative Medicine to treat Heart Diseases What’s Abana Himalaya? These days we don’t have our grandmothers to provide treatment with their organic ways. But we do have Himalaya to deliver herbal medicines and providing natural treatments for the society thus.The new pilot Malaria Prevention Advertising in Nigeria will reach a lot more than 75,000 local contractors and suppliers and their families in the Delta area of the country with a bundle of malaria prevention, vector and treatment control services. The program also contains a media campaign to educate thousands more folks in the same area about malaria prevention. Through a network of more than 2,000 community volunteers working with the Caconda Community-Structured Malaria Intervention program, approximately 35, 000 family members in Angola shall receive teaching and assistance to manage malaria within their homes, including educational materials, bed access and nets to treatment.

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