Abstract: Although erythromelalgia has been documented in the literature for almost 150 years.

To conquer this limitation, we examined the spatial distribution of epidemic EM, and explored the association between temperature fluctuation and epidemic EM outbreaks in China. We searched all peer-reviewed literature on main epidemic EM outbreaks in China. A two-stage model was utilized to characterize the partnership between heat range fluctuation and epidemic EM outbreaks. The majority of EM cases were middle school students, with a higher incidence rate in resident and female students.The COSM program includes guest lectures by prominent leaders in surgery; numerous programs and scientific periods and a large number of papers reflecting research linked to current problems in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of otolaryngology-related conditions. The otolaryngology – head and neck surgery societies participating in the combined meeting, from April 18 – April 22 which runs, are the American Broncho-Esophagological Association, American Head and Neck Culture, American Laryngological Association, American Neurotology Society, American Otological Culture, American Rhinologic Society, American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology, and the Triological Society..

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