ACCC survey highlights challenges and latest trends in U

ACCC survey highlights challenges and latest trends in U.S. Cancer programs The Association of Community Cancer Centers recently released results of its sixth annual Tendencies in Cancer Programs survey, highlighting the challenges and recent trends observed in U .S. Malignancy programs. Today Insufficient reimbursement for supportive care services topped the list of challenges facing tumor applications, with 65 % of programs naming this as their biggest problem, despite the upsurge in conversation with payers on the value of these ongoing services.

Here are some tips for stopping poisoning of kids: Store your medicines in a location that is too high for a child to reach or see. Use only rat and mouse control home products that are contained in a tamper-resistant bait station , to safeguard children from exposure to the bait. Ask houseguests and visitors to keep purses, bags or coats that have medications in them up and away and out of sight when they are in your home. Keep cleaning medicines and supplies locked up and away from children. Call your neighborhood poison center right away if a electric battery is missing from a toy or other household item.’Every household must have the national Poison Help Series phone number posted by the telephone,’ said Dr.

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