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Adding interleukin-6 to the predictive model significantly improved the C-statistic to 0.708, and the addition of a panel of biomarkers including white blood cell counts, IL-6, C-reactive proteins , interleukin-8 , fibrinogen, chemokine ligand 18 , and surfactant protein D further improved the C-statistic to 0.726. This panel of selected biomarkers was not only elevated in non-survivors inside our cohort, but was associated with mortality over 3 years of follow-up after adjusting for medical variables known to predict mortality in individuals with COPD, stated Dr.Abstinence is the only method that always prevents pregnancy and STDs.BackContinuePossible UNWANTED EFFECTS Most females who use the cervical cap have no nagging problems, but possible side effects may include: Spermicides might irritate the vagina and surrounding skin or cause an allergic reaction. Solid odors, vaginal discharge, or infection may occur if the cervical cap is usually left in too long. The materials in the cervical cap may cause an allergic reaction. Toxic shock syndrome is a uncommon complication. The cap may lead to changes in the cervix because of irritation. Who Uses the Cervical Cap? The cervical cap isn’t usually recommended for most young women and teens because it can be very difficult to insert correctly. Inserting a cervical cap takes a girl to reach all the real way to the cervix with her fingers.

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