Agfa HealthCare introduces ORBIS in Canada Agfa Health care has unveiled ORBIS.

Agfa HealthCare introduces ORBIS in Canada Agfa Health care has unveiled ORBIS, its Medical center and Clinical Information Program , for the first time in Canada at the e-Health Meeting 2007 . The main choice for Electronic Individual Records in European countries, ORBIS offers a unique single database structure which integrates almost all clinical and administrative data. This enables users to upgrade and access patient details in real-time – enabling enhanced decision making and streamlined patient care. To time, Agfa HealthCare’s ORBIS has been effectively deployed in over 750 establishments with more than 450,000 daily users.Among donors after nephrectomy, reported predonation hypertension was highly correlated with an elevated threat of hypertension and with drug treatment for hypertension . Nevertheless, the inclusion of this variable did not have a significant influence on the association between dark race or Hispanic ethnic history with hypertension or black race with drug-treated hypertension after donor nephrectomy. In NHANES data, black respondents reported receiving a diagnosis of hypertension more commonly than do white respondents, whereas Hispanic respondents were not as likely than white respondents to record diagnosed hypertension. The relative frequency of diagnosed diabetes among donors rose 5 percent for each increase in year of age during donation .

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