AHS announces acquisition of COMPUDATA AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions.

‘The addition of COMPUDATA to the AHS family not only complements our existing procedures in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but allows the COMPUDATA clients to enjoy our advanced technology and various other resources that will now be available to them,’ says David Langsam, President and CEO of AHS. ‘Physicians face continuing challenges such as declining reimbursement, increasing regulation, and the complexities associated with ICD-10 migration. Our services enable them to navigate these changes and thrive of the environment regardless. Our growth is definitely indicative of the increasing demand for effective technologies and solutions that help procedures manage their financial performance and invite physicians to spotlight patient care.Over fifty % reported bedbugs afflicted somebody known to them. Of this group, a startling 38 percent have been affected personally. Another 23 percent stated the insects had troubled their ‘significant other’ or family. The rest of the 47 percent understood of infestation suffered by colleagues or close friends. Fifty-three % of the researchers were alert to bedbug infestations in their neighborhood, town, or state. When asked if indeed they were acquiring any special ‘bedbug’ safety measures for travel, significant responses were: * check resort linens and mattress for bloodstream stains and bug feces. Illustrative incidents from scores submitted about the bedbug encounters consist of: *While interviewing for a faculty placement, brought house bedbugs from the high-end hotel.

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