Also known as scleroderma.

Related StoriesRheumatoid arthritis significantly increases risk of death due to cardiovascular causesArthritis sufferers to be higher contributors to medical guideline developmentClinical research data on Mallinckrodt's H.P. Acthar Gel to be presented at ACR 2015To understand how auto-antibodies impact systemic sclerosis in Caucasian and African-American patients, a research group led by Dr. Virginia Steen from Georgetown University INFIRMARY in Washington, DC, analyzed data from the Pittsburgh Scleroderma Data source. This database includes demographic, scientific, autoantibody, organ involvement and survival information for 203 African-American and 2945 Caucasian scleroderma patients noticed at the University of Pittsburgh INFIRMARY between 1972 and 2007. Findings show that African Americans got higher frequencies of certain scleroderma-specific autoantibodies compared to Caucasians: anti-U3-RNP , U1-RNP and anti-topoisomerase .The signs include inflammation, itching, burning, or bumpiness that develop after product use. Many Indian women have skin that becomes very easily irritated and dry in reaction to various common over-the-counter items. For Brown-skinned women, having sensitive skin could be especially troubling as the irritation may lead to pigmentation complications or the advancement of dark or light marks. The good news is that some women who think they have delicate skin actually don’t.

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