An accompanying editorial that the overall risk benefit of oral contraceptives more info.

An accompanying editorial that the overall risk – benefit of oral contraceptives, contraceptive calls available to women discuss over the counter, as is now the case, so compelling more info .

And in an accompanying comment article, Eduardo Franco, McGill University, Montreal, Eliane Duarte РFranco, Institut National de Sant̩ Publique de Qu bec said, Montrea.,

This document contains forward-looking statements including statements relating the success of co, design and results the Company’s clinical trials and drug reliability developing the program and timing and probability commercialization on Hematide. The Actual results those expressed in those projected in the forward looking statements because of risks and uncertainties, including risks related the ongoing safety and efficacy Hematide under clinical development, to potential for once time monthly dose, the stated the recruitment of patients and treatment into ongoing and planned clinical study, regulatory requirements and approvals, research & Development, industrial and competitive environment, IPR and disputes and other matters, which Affymax the quarterly report on Form 10-Q to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Investors are cautioned that confidence in these forward reliance on these forward -looking statements merely only such as the date hereof make. The company is assume any obligation forward looking statements forward-looking statements in this news release.

According to Ron Pollack, director of families USA, SCHIP development laws over the past year veto President Bush will the much needed relief uninsured child found around the nation provided . In addition, Pollack said Kongress be permit SCHIP back, probably likely the thirty first March 2009 as.

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