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These blood vessels then transport additional oxygen-bearing blood which can cause miscarriages or prevent embryos implanting. Steroids recommended to 40 females, who had suffered multiple miscarriages, resulted in three quarters of them giving birth successfully. The steroid treatment provides been shown to reduce the known level of natural killer cells in the uterus, and this is considered to increase the chances of an embryo likely to full term. Dr. Quenby says presently there is absolutely no treatment for the a large number of women around the world who are desperate because they maintain miscarrying for no cause. She says there exists a substantial and desperate need for a treatment and shows that a third of miscarriages could be avoided.Sufferers can resume normal routing from the very next day of treatment.. Lili Wang, M.D., Ph.D., Michael S. Lawrence, Ph.D., Youzhong Wan, Ph.D., Petar Stojanov, B.A., Carrie Sougnez, B.S., Kristen Stevenson, M.S., Lillian Werner, M.S., Andrey Sivachenko, Ph.D., David S. DeLuca, Ph.D., Li Zhang, Ph.D., Wandi Zhang, M.D., Alexander R. Vartanov, B.A., Stacey M. Fernandes, B.S., Natalie R. Goldstein, B.A., Eric G. Folco, Ph.D., Kristian Cibulskis, B.S., Bethany Tesar, M.S., Quinlan L. Sievers, B.A., Erica Shefler, B.S., Stacey Gabriel, Ph.D., Nir Hacohen, Ph.D., Robin Reed, Ph.D., Matthew Meyerson, M.D., Ph.D., Todd R.

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