APCER is a respected global provider of comprehensive drug safety.

APCER is a respected global provider of comprehensive drug safety, regulatory risk and services management applications for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical consumer and device products companies. Thought Leadership: CenterWatch published an insightful interview with APCER President and CEO Suneet Walia. Our software reduces medical errors, improves patient basic safety and enhances clinician efficiency. Predicated on my past knowledge with HMS, our hospital is getting an outstanding product that will be easy to incorporate into our systems, provide easy-to-access information and streamline our processes so we are able to be more efficient. We know we have a true partner in HMS. Our software program reduces medical errors, improves patient security and enhances clinician productivity.65 percent of Americans oppose Medicaid cuts Coming on the heels of a major research report finding that lengthy term care is usually paid less upon an hourly basis compared to the national minimum amount wage, a fresh nationwide poll demonstrates 65 % of Us citizens would oppose further cuts to funding for long term care. Despite the nation’s fiscal complications, the American folks are clear on where they don’t really need cuts – at the trouble of the frail and elderly. According to the survey results, there is wide concern among likely voters of the effect inadequate funding – specifically Medicaid – is wearing the country’s seniors. Supporting those concerns, researcher Eljay yesterday release fresh projections showing that condition Medicaid programs underfunded nursing facility care by $5.6 billion this year 2010 – on average paying only $7.17 per hour per patient, significantly less than the national minimum amount wage of $7.25 per hour.

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