A*STARs professor gets Szent-Gy-rgyi prize for groundbreaking tumor pill Professor Alex Matter.

He emphasized that the task force would appearance beyond stiffer gun laws and regulations for solutions, including steps that address cultural influences and mental wellness services . The Hill: Poll: People in america See Police, Mental Health Care More Effective Than Assault Weapons Ban Us citizens believe that increasing the police presence at schools and upping federal spending on mental health screenings and services will deter mass shootings than banning the sale of assault weapons, wednesday according to a poll from Gallup released. More than half of those surveyed said more police and mental health services would be ‘extremely effective,’ with almost nine in 10 saying doing so would be at least ‘relatively effective’ in preventing gun crime.The country's largest seniors' lobby criticized proposals to change a provision in the Inexpensive Care Act that limitations varying premiums predicated on age, or age rating . Kaiser Health News: Research: Premium Increases To End up being Offset By Subsidies, Better Insurance The paper says the legislation's provision that limits premiums for older consumers to only three times what younger people pay will mean those younger beneficiaries, particularly men, will pay more than they do now. Older people and many ladies shall see lower prices, the paper says . Kaiser Health News: HHS Delays Basic Health Plan Choice Until 2015 The Obama administration has delayed by one year the rollout of a health program targeted at low to moderate-income individuals who won't qualify for the expanded Medicaid plan beneath the federal health law .

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