A*STARs Singapore Immunology Network.

We look forward to the success of the important agreement.’ Prof Philippe Kourilsky, Chairman of SIgN, said, ‘Infectious disease can be an area that can’t be tackled by itself – Singapore has identified infectious diseases as one of its flagship regions of focus for its research efforts and is working carefully with its regional and global partners; SIgN already has some meaningful partnerships with several sector players including Vivalis and Cytos. We are excited at this possibility to partner Institut bioM-rieux and M-rieux, which we wish will accelerate the process of discovery and discover something of direct influence to the procedure and management of tuberculosis.In 2011, Abbott continued to advance its broad-based pipeline, and launched several brand-new indications or products across our Pharmaceuticals, Medical Products, Diagnostics and Nutritionals businesses. Abbott generated record operating cashflow of more than $9 billion in 2011. The ongoing company will resume share repurchase activity in 2012. Despite another challenging year for the global overall economy, Abbott again shipped leading performance, including strong product sales and ongoing earnings-per-share growth, stated Miles D.

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