Becky Williams.

‘ – ‘Even if it is a reasonable treatment option,’he said, ‘it is too expensive for the average person at this time at this time. ‘.. Becky Williams, a 68 – year-old office worker from North Carolina, recalls her friends reaction when she enrolled in a study that injection of Botox into their proposed leaky bladder. Erika H. Head of gynecology at Montefiore Medical Center and associate professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, who : the study, said: ‘It is remarkable effective.

There are side effects, one in three of the Botox users in the study developed urinary tract infections, and 5 % of Botox users need to temporarily evacuate a catheter in her bladder.Clinically significant symptomatic arthrosis the knees or hips in order to the consideration of the joint replacement Recruiting from the hospital lists of patients, as intravenous urography subjected ships in the past five years, Been 123 people not radiographic evidence of hip or knee OA, not a gift hip and knee symptoms of, and not history of joint disease or joint surgery served as a checks. The study population was composed both by men and female, having an average age of approximately 67 years of to instances to 63 years for controls..

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