Chips and donuts are detrimental to your wellbeing is no new revelation.

They were then subjected to a junk food meal including a sandwich manufactured from a sausage, an egg, and a slice of cheese, and three hash browns. Each got an ultrasound at two and four hour intervals after consuming to determine endothelial function. The scholarly study team found that after eating the junk food meal, the arteries of the study participants dilated 24 % significantly less than they did when in the fasting state. In contrast, the arteries were found to dilate normally and maintain good blood flow following the Mediterranean-type meal.Med. Andreas Greither, CEO of AgenoLAB, added: Cardiotoxicity screening, e.g. For compilation of preclinical security data, complements our support portfolio for the measurement of in vitro toxicity, dermatotoxicity, and chemical-aesthetic screening of active ingredients. For AgenoLAB, the improved qualification and GMP-like validation of prepared procedures were the decisive elements to utilize the xCELLigence Cardio Program.

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