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– Chronic diseases, aging population, the demand and the need for improvements in the delivery of primary health care Unlike AMA Minister Roxon on the realities of Australian healthcare click to read more .

The review included 23 studies, mostly from North America, and all publications on paper, rather than electronic or video media is concentrated.The review appears in the current issue of The Cochrane Library, a publication of The Cochrane Collaboration, an international organization that evaluates medical research. Systematic Review, We sawaw evidence-based conclusions about medical practice, taking into account both the content and quality of existing medical trials on a topic.

About Argos Therapeutics,Argos is an immune therapy enterprises the development of new therapies for cancer, infectious and autoimmune disease and transplant rejection. The main power switch which activates the immune system and has been deactivated – The company is has generating several platform technologies and a strong pipeline products on their expertise in the biology by dendritic cells.

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