Chronic mild stress is an animal model of depression.

Chronic mild stress is an animal model of depression, which developed to particular defining features of mood disorders, such as anhedonia was imitating and reduced activity.

Scientists have found a significant interaction between stress and ventricular arrhythmias or loss of the rhythm of the heart.This relationship has been supported by studies in animals and in the observation of some human patients with post myocardial infarction, where the presence of depression in combination with premature ventricular complexes increases the likelihood of heart attack.

Contact: Donna Krupa 703-527-7357American Physiological SocietyBETHESDA, MD – As Valentine’s Day approaches, a prevailing argument for marriage may well be that studies show married people are less depressed than their single counterparts.Behind this string of scientific reasoning for marriage is a proven fact: the prevalence of depression in patients with coronary artery disease is approximately five times higher than the general population.A photo of Dr. John Garner, the signing of an Big recipe for for smoke-free workplaces be be obtained at the press office.

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