Clinical Trial Results to DateIn the BHT-3021 Phase I / II study.

BHT-3021 is the safety and tolerability, proved without an increase in side effects compared with placebo. Preliminary data from the 1 mg dose cohort indicate that treatment with BHT-3021 beta cell beta cell preservation as well as the induction of immune tolerance to pancreatic autoantigens. – – Clinical Trial criteria Key inclusion criteria for this study were: a diagnosis of type 1a diabetes mellitus on ADA criteria, 5 years has T1D T1D, 18 years, 40 years at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, detectable fasting C-peptide level, increasing C-peptide screening during mixed meal tolerance test, and presence of antibodies to at least one beta-cell antigen .

The new center will build on these successes while focusing on two main priorities, or the identification of targets, or human proteins, its modification by drugs could have therapeutic benefits, and the identification of drug candidates transferred transferred for pharmaceutical companies other companies for the development and delivery to patients.

The new center will leverage the infrastructure, resources and research both Gladstone Taube Koret Center for Huntington ‘s Disease Research and Hellman Family Foundation Alzheimer’s Research Program. This exchange is a more productive use of their budget, and faster drug discovery for neurodegenerative disease areas.The American Psychiatric Association encourages everyone the warning signs the warning signs of mental illness, a healthy spirit has to the key to a healthy. Life.

To parent the key for understanding and dealing with her child being mental health need recognize the problem and seek appropriate the treatment. Some most common mental disorders of children include depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and conduct disorder.

Mindful of children the mental health of in summer has equally as important as during the school year. Fill with new experiences, the the summer be an exciting time child: lot of be proceed to camp restarted, over 38.000 at holiday to the new towns with their family. For most of children, these are pleasure and positive experience, While some children fearful or overwhelmed. ‘Like physical health of of a child ‘s mental health important, and it is essential for parental can work around may be included with emotional or behavioral problems of of her children, ‘says David Mrazek, Chairman of the Division of Psychiatry and Psychology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and President of the an APA the Council in child, youth and their families.

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