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The prospect of a new pharmaceutical treatment for this rare disease increased dramatically due to the fact that the AKT2 molecule is closely related to a molecule that is in tumors in tumors . As a result, speculate the researchers found that drugs currently in development are uses that the activation directly block the activation of cancer molecule AKT1 but AKT2 randomly randomly possibly this this rare form of hypoglycemia .

Professor Stephen O’Rahilly, co-author of the paper and co-director of the Institute of Metabolic Science, said: I went to Great Ormond Street to see one of these patients, then a young child, 10 years , it is enormously satisfying we finally understood the cause of his problem and very exciting that a potential therapy immediately suggests itself for this young man and others with this, probably under recognized condition. Dr Add s Barroso, Joint Head of Human Genetics at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, said, Beyond the exciting prospect offers hope for the treatment of diseases like this, this study is an excellent example of how the recent advances in genetic approaches is to transform medical diagnosis and treatment options..Display withdraw, does position at Wal-Mart – John Agwunobi resigned as the HHS Assistant Secretary of of Health and will be a position at Wal-Mart, CEO of the company pharmacy, vision centers and hospitals, CQ HealthBeat reporting. HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt regret for the out and hailed Agwunobi endeavors on preparation of a possible pandemic flu and emphasizing of a healthy lifestyle for U.S. Citizens.

C-reactive protein ‘[ disease] being a very complicated disease and the results are reproduced a study such as this demand other studies before it is have transformative to be,’Dr. Eric Larson, research research the consolidated Health Research Institute identifies in Seattle.

Key to Long, Dementia-Free Lifelead investigator Jeremy M. Silverman, a professor in the department of psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and colleagues investigated two hundred and seventy-seven male veterans the age of 75 and older who Been devoid of disease signs.

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