Disturbs a disease in preterm infants.

Blindness. Key Factor in preterm infants ‘Devastating Eye Diseasegenetics play an important role in predisposing infants retinopathy of prematurity , disturbs a disease in preterm infants, the normal development of blood vessels in the retina and can cause blindness researcher at Yale report report in the November issue of Pediatrics.

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About the Phase 3 Programme to EYLEA () Injection in the macular edema following CRVOAbout EYLEA () Injection for intravitreal injection vascular endothelial growth factors being a naturally occurring protein in the body of. To its normal role in a healthy organism be to the formation of new blood vessels that trigger the growth the endogenous tissue and organs. In specific diseases, such as wet age-related macular degeneration, FDA Approves also involved in with the growth of abnormal of new blood vessels in the eye, abnormal increased permeability edema to edema show linked.

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