Each woman received a baseline CA-125 blood test nolvadex.eu.

Each woman received a baseline CA-125 blood test. Of ovarian cancer of ovarian cancer algorithm , a mathematical model, on on the patient’s age and CA-125-based scores women one of three risk groups were, with the appropriate follow-up: low, came in a year for a Follow-up blood test, intermediate, further monitoring with repeat CA125 blood test in three months, and high refers to transvaginal sonography to receive and see a gynecologic oncologist nolvadex.eu .

MD Anderson has a long history in the research of the important biomarkers. In the 1980s, discovered Robert Bast, vice president for translational research at MD Anderson and co-investigator on the ASCO study, CA-125 and its predictive value of ovarian cancer recurrence. Since then, researchers have tried at MD Anderson and beyond would be, role in the early detection of disease. The markers may be elevated for reasons other than ovarian cancer, which screening for false positives. In the last ten years there has been a lot of excitement over new markers and technologies in ovarian cancer, says Lu, the study’s principal investigator. I and other scientists in the gynecologic oncology thought we would eventually find a better marker than CA-125 for the early detection of the disease. After looking at new markers and testing head-to-head in strong, scientific studies, we found no better than better than CA125. .

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