Early detection is paramount to recovery.

You are at greater risk to getting colon cancer for those who have a genetic medical history of parents or close family members who have been diagnosed with colon cancer. Research also showed that that cancer of the colon can be triggered by harmful diets such as processed foods. Early detection is paramount to recovery. Hence, it is essential that you seek the advice of your physician in the event that you feel the discomfort of colon cancer symptoms.Syngenta, BASF Plant Science, DuPont Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences have transformed part of the island into a artificial wasteland, a toxic chemical environment. With pesticides salivating from their greedy fangs, these vampire chemical companies are sucking the entire life blood right from the beautiful soil and scenery of Kaua’i. In fact, their usage of restricted use pesticides in Kaua’i tops the country, unleashing alachlor, atrazine, chlorpyrifos, methomyl, metolachlor, permethrin and paraquat onto the property.

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