GERD is viewed a relative risk for development adenocarcinoma of the esophagus.

A team of scientists from Lund now has a substance called Cystapep who work on bacteria that nothing else be able to knock out seems to seems developed.

Sweden is in a better position than other countries when it comes to antibiotic resistance is, but also in other parts of the world dangerous strains of bacteria are resistant to most of the antibiotics in its arsenal in their arsenal, and the problem is getting worse each year in Sweden as well.

The name Cystapep based on the fact that the new substance is a peptide derivative based on a larger protein called cystatin. Cystatin occurs in various forms in the body and is part of our natural defense against bacteria, fungi and viruses.Been GERD unbelievable common, a lot of people can concerned about their increased risk of the development of cancer by GORD in this study, the results of should help that risk in perspective and may be help physicians decide when screening, cancer needed to prevent, says Rubenstein.. GERD is viewed a relative risk for development adenocarcinoma of the esophagus, however the absolute risk is not known, Joel Rubenstein, an investigator is say to the Department of Veterans Affairs centers of Clinical Management Research in Ann Arbor , and an Assistant Professor at from the University of Michigan Department of Internal Medicine.

GERD is characterized with signs which arises of repeated or prolonged exposure of lining of the esophagus about acid content from the gastro and if lower esophageal sphincter does not sealing of the esophagus from the the stomach.

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