Gunawan also assessed the medical needs in Bantul city.

Gunawan also assessed the medical needs in Bantul city, visiting several health centers and the main public hospital. ‘1200 patients in this hospital, the capacity is reached for only 200,’he said. ‘The injured are being treated in the parking lot and onto the ground outside. ‘.

World Vision Indonesia has been working for almost 50 years to improve the lives of children. We provide communities in need access to health care, education, agricultural improvements, small loans to poor entrepreneurs , and other important things to help break the cycle of poverty.– Dr Peter Terry was President of the BMA Scottland from 2004 and will step this summer, his successor is chosen in August 2009. Peter Terry be available for interviews.

Dr. Dunn away,. ‘At the did we know Northern Ireland spends opposite 22 Learn more per inhabitant at secondary care in England, but apparently no considerably better state of health? ‘We need local commissioning of health to decisions of and contracts for the provision out of services to the needs of human beings, was is based to better care.’.

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