IA Plastic BioSand Water Filter here.

IA Plastic BioSand Water Filter. International Aid is the exclusive holder of the worldwide humanitarian license for the Plastic BioSand water filter An injection-molded, non – electric device with no moving or replacement parts, the new clean clean, safe water at the rapid rate of 47 liters per hour, deliver and satisfy all a family needs water, including drinking, bathing and washing clothes. Developed in conjunction with Cascade Engineering, the manufacturer of the device also contains International Aid the plastic BioSand filter currently currently used in more than 80,000 concrete filtration systems worldwide here .

Contact: Brian Burch International AidLeading humanitarian healthcare agency International Aid, has announced a important clean water initiative, contribute to the growing health crisis is the lack of access to clean water in developing countries caused world to clean. As a centerpiece of its clean water program, the agency a new, lightweight water filter, the proven filtration technology, known as BioSand combined with an innovative plastic design. International Aid believes that have the simplicity and affordability of the new unit make make a dramatic impact on the global water crisis.

The priority review designation mean FDA is expected to make that a decision on the marketing authorization application on the investigational product within six months of submission.

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