If suitable facilities were available to complications complications in their appearance.

To lifesaving We need to prioritize investment in midwives to life-saving care in the communities where mothers deliver unnecessarily lost. .. If suitable facilities were available to complications complications in their appearance, many deaths could be avoided – 61 % or nearly two-thirds of all maternal deaths, 49 % , or almost half of the stillbirths. And 60 per cent or 3 in 5 newborn deaths, the report adds that if midwives are present and can be the most severe complications related specialist care, for up to 90 % of maternal deaths could be prevented.

Southampton statistician and social scientist Professor Zo? Matthews played a pivotal role in the compilation of data and writing large sections of the report. Says: ‘We have completely new data on the midwifery workforce in 58 ‘ resource poor ‘ countries where nearly 60 % of the world’s babies are born What we found were three large gaps.

The report makes a number of recommendations to governments, regulatory agencies, educational institutions, professional associations and international organizations, the funds would help these problems and enhance the status of midwives in the 58 countries examined..Neurologix sponsor develop the study as part its continuing efforts to this and other gene therapy approaches for treating of neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders. Investigator Michael G. Kaplitt, and Matthew J. Led the A method at NewYork – Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center. Andrew Feigin, MD and David Eidelberg, MD the porcelain stoneware Institute for Medical Research, Northshore – Long Iceland Jewish Health systems performed out the clinical examinations and to PET scan. Neurologix scientists well co – detectives in the study were.

Co reported improvements was particularly beginning on the treated side the body three months from to the gene therapy procedure and was monitored on the 12 month formal study.. Code? Michelstadt Cayouette, PhD, Director of of Cellular Neurobiology Research Unit of 1 trial was performed into 12 subjects with advanced Parkinson’s disease showed either a deficiency of side effects related to the gene method and statistically significant improvement from baseline in the two clinical symptoms and abnormal metabolism in the brain out of by positron emission tomography or PET scanning). Though all patients demonstrated symptoms on either side of the body, method carried out on only one side of the brain, so that the non-treated side serve to as a student control.

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