Imagine performing out your dreams shouting.

Or how about being struggling to get restful rest – ever absolutely. It can be fatal – and it’s caused by a little-known disorder known as fatal familial insomnia. And there are lots of more. Click here to learn about more bizarre sleep disorders. Simply don’t blame us if it will keep you awake at night.. 12 Strangest Sleep Disorders: Total Nightmares Exploding head syndrome sounds like something ripped from the pages of a science fiction novel. If only. Actually, it’s just one of many all-too-real sleep problems that doctors have determined – and it’s really no walk in the recreation area. PICTURES: 12 Bizarre SLEEP PROBLEMS People who suffer from the disorder imagine hearing a loud explosion because they nod off to rest – as though a bomb has gone off in the head.The manuscript was compiled by the main investigator, and the precision of the info reported was verified by the publication committee, whose members had full access to the data; no limitations or restrictions were imposed by the sponsor. The sponsor had no involvement in the look of the scholarly study, the evaluation of the data, or the planning or editing of the manuscript. Study End Points Both primary end points were the still left ventricular ejection fraction and remaining ventricular end-systolic volume at 12 months.

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