In the study published in the latest issue the journal Neurosurgery.

– ‘The results tell us what many of us suspected – that targeting the problem and administer medicines before, the problem is a better option for appropriate stroke patients,’said Eric Bourekas, startedents taking placebo.radiologist at Ohio State University Medical Center and lead author of the study.. In the study published in the latest issue the journal Neurosurgery, 50 % of stroke patients had little or no neurological disability definition 1-3 months after blood clot medications delivered directly to the site of the blockage, compared with 39 % of documented patients with similar good results in a large national study of intravenous drug for the treatment of stroke.

The rates of deaths and symptomatic hemorrhages were comparable to rates in other stroke studies, and tended to be strongly associated with more severe strokes than treatment. Nd catheterization of blood vessels in the head are associated with risks, but the Ohio study found only a catheterization complication that did not cause neurological damage, the researchers said.

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