Interestingly, the subtypes HGGS determined in this study was similar to key stages in the process of neurogenesis seen although some tumors presenting characteristics of neural stem cells and other displays distinctive intermediate stages of development or even immature neurons . The authors suggest that the aggressiveness of tumor growth by mechanisms that might regulate cell fate decisions during the development of the brain are regulated. Dr. Dr. Heidi S. Phillip , Genentech, study ‘suggest similarities between stem cell biology and glioma aggressiveness that can a better understanding of normal brain development cause new insights for therapeutic intervention in glial tumors. ‘.

Phillips et al. Molecular subclasses of high-grade glioma predict prognosis delineate a pattern of disease progression, and resemble stages in neurogenesis. in in Cancer Cell 9, 157 173, March 2006 Issue 10 019.

Pregnant women should take be aware of over 52,000 cord blood stem cell is not moment congenital metabolic disorders inborn errors of metabolism and other genetic diseases the same individual from whom they were collected as cord blood was be the same genetic mutation. cord blood of newborns who later developed Leukaemia is not collected be used in that for for a lot for the same reason, said Dr.

The Bush administration is planning to legislation want to address the additional expenditure to Medicare and go beyond the ‘triggering ‘provision in the 2003 Medicare laws to propose to health services in general, HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt told to a Hotel Ways and Means Committee consultation on Wednesday, CQ HealthBeat reports .

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