Merck Sharp & Dohme manager for external scientific affairs

Dr. Phil Kearney, Merck Sharp & Dohme manager for external scientific affairs, said Australia for excellence in medical research and its vigorous and creative biopharmaceutical industry will be recognized . But the number of drug development projects reach advanced clinical development is only a quarter of what can be predicted based on our performance in the scientific literature. – ‘By immersing two of our top biotechnology people in successful commercial research centers in the United States, and giving them the opportunity to have their learning back shares at home, we will build a stronger Australiancapability to win in this highly competitive global knowledge society ‘market, he said.

A tailored program of meetings is also for him with leading American players including venture capital firms, research institutes, biotechnology entrepreneurs and biopharmaceutical companies to help build valuable international networks, knowledge and collaborations are planned. g BioBusiness Award is an innovative program of Merck Sharp & Dohme and Advance, a dynamic, diverse global community of Australian professionals overseas is preceded Australia and Australians committed. The ongoing BioBusiness Award, said Dr. He Wraight will extend on important global connections for Australian science and facilitate international business by better understanding what U.S. Pharmaceutical companies are resulting in new drug therapies at each step of the, usually a glance 10-15 years development process. Our consumer is the patient for most of the Australian PharmaBiotech but big pharmaceutical companies, the first customers we to to provide better medicines to patients, we first have to build research and development research and development programs the best marketing partners. , Wraight said.

See all the study participants were of Asian origin.

A speaker Novartis, which develops RAD001 that a greater global Phase III trial program is to test the efficacy and reliability of RAD001 single agent in advanced gastric cancer will test recruitment process begin this year. That a target enrollment of the program amounts to 500 patients.

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