Mobile mammography screening to Bring More Native American Women.

‘This project efforts of the Sioux tribes and the Indian Health Service obstacles to barriers to screening in remote areas and better health care for these women shows,’said Marilyn A. Roubidoux, professor of radiology at University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor.. Mobile mammography screening to Bring More Native American Women.Breast cancer mortality rates for for some rural Indian tribes, but now radiologists are using satellite technology to save more lives A new project delivers mobile digital mammography to remote reservations across the country in which women.

Many rural American Indian women are regularly regularly for breast cancer because of poor access to mammography facilities. In addition, decreases in government funding of IHS impair the ability of the program to offer a proper diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.That is, the lenses are placed in during surgery were be precalculated the surgeon to arrange for monovision.. Answer: Monovision a visual phenomenon in which correct one eye in order to the far vision, which is far removed be seen, and the other eye is correct for the near vision and reading. Many contact lens patients have this set-up, so they do not need reading glasses for example. It makes sense to, if a person is have had monovision, prior development of cataracts that you decision get hold of those carried out after her surgery.

Would not recommend of doing this, In If one person does not was monovision patient prior to the operation, because there is a chance that they will not tolerate it, and we would not recommend removing remove to the operating room and replace is an intraocular lens implant.

Lenses which Cataract Surgery in each eye, is my doctor propose to I try monovision. What does this mean?

Q: When cataract in both eyes, my doctor suggests I try monovision. What does that mean and what the risks / benefits?

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