Occurred in Sunset Boulevard near the UCLA campus.

20 million gallons of water lost in drought-ridden California because of ruptured water pipe A water primary pipe that burst recently in LA, California, occurred in Sunset Boulevard near the UCLA campus viagrauk.net . This 30-in. Size pipe was almost 93 years old and had been linked to a pipe installed in the 1950s. That’s where the rupture occurred. When it burst, it sent up a 30 feet gusher that flooded the instant region with 20 million gallons of drinking water before it could be turn off around 30 hours after it got burst. At one point through the rupture, this primary pipe was gushing out 75,000 gallons per minute. Because the UCLA campus hilly can be moderately, several vehicles, 960, were trapped, with some completely submerged in the gulleys produced at the bottoms of campus hills.

The largest age group represented was 20-24 years accompanied by 16-19 years . The authors conclude that open public and education awareness promotions regarding the effects of alcohol, especially combined with drugs, is required to help fight the problem. In a related commentary, Dr. Jan Dr and Welch. Bernadette Butler from King’s College Hospital in London, UK create ‘for clinicians caring for victims of sexual assault, a non-judgemental approach is essential. It is important to recognize the possibility of drug-facilitated sexual assault and provide the necessary therapeutic care and attention while addressing forensic problems when possible, including evidence documentation and collection.’ In addition they urge education for women and men to help them understand potential risks as victims and possible assailants as well as the different biological responses to alcohol and drugs..

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