Pfizer Inc said today that it has received approval from the U.

Pfizer Inc said today that it has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market obtain their dual therapy medicine Caduet for the simultaneous treatment of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Developed by Pfizer and Caduet is the first medicine to treat two different conditions, high blood pressure and high cholesterol in a pill. Caduet contains both Norvasc for the treatment of high blood pressure and Lipitor for high cholesterol.Is detected by to infection, the parasite forms cysts, which contained many slowly to reproduce parasites, in the muscle tissue and cerebral. Where which cysts rupture, immune cells as a T cells usually to kill parasites before they disseminate further. However, people with a suppressed immune system, like for AIDS patients and people undergoing chemotherapy, no mount an effective defense. – ‘In AIDS patients, T cells be considerably vanished , so when a cyst ruptures, it can infect more brain cells, which ultimately results in genuine injury to the brain,’says Saeij.

Notes:MIT Department of Biology student Emily Rosowski and Diana Lu the securities and the first two author contributed equally to this research. Other authors include WITH postdoctoral Kirk Jensen, lab engineers Lindsay Julien, TO Bachelor student Lauren Rodda and Rogier Gaiserstrasse, a graduate student at at Wageningen University the Netherlands. E. Strain – specific activation of the NF-kB route with GRA15 , a novel Toxoplasma gondii thick granule protein, Emily E. Rosowski, Diana Lu, Lindsay Julien, Laurensberg Rodda, Rogier A. Kirk DC Jensen, Jeroen PJ Saeij. Journal of Experimental Medicine, January 2014.

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