Plastic bags.

Plastic bags, toys, medical equipment, cancer medicine, fuel and food ingredients and other commodities are now largely out of chemical compounds based on crude oil, or extracted from plants. The aim for the future is to create these and many other products through the use of sustainable, biotechnological processes. A major research effort in the industrial biotechnology is needed to to achieve this goal. The grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation DTU a research to establish establish: ‘The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability ‘. A number of leading and internationally renowned scientists affiliated with the new center, to be used on the Enlightenment, such as bacteria and fungi, concentrate to produce a variety of chemical compounds. In addition the center will create knowledge about how excess biomass and other wastes can be used effectively thus thus reducing the world’s dependence on oil conversion of the oil-based industry to a bio-based industry.

If a small country like Denmark wants to ensure continued growth and future jobs, it will be crucial to its best research institutions strengthen 80 percent of the of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Johansson, and continues: establish with a DKK 700 million subsidy to DTU a center of excellence for biotechnology research, promoting the Novo Nordisk Foundation to Denmark on top in a field of research with great significance for our future society wants. . Sources: Technical University of Denmark , AlphaGalileo Foundation.The initial objective of allogeneic transplantation of disease Study is a small sample of for patients with treatment-resistant Crohn’s disease through the transplantation matched bone marrow cells of a sibling or unrelated donors, a sick a sick or replace faults of the immune having a healthy one. The researchers placed hypothesis that replacement immune system to be successful based upon evidence to suggest that Morbus is connected for abnormal immune response to intestinal bacteria and to loss of immunotolerance -. CATS the leading researchers George McDonald, a transplant researcher and gastroenterologist in the clinical research Division of the Fred Hutchinson says there tangible proofs, body of a patient in the immune system regulatory regime in Crohn’s disease are associated..

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‘autologous transplantation after a chemotherapy proposes the disease is but the Crohn tends lead to back the disease burden grown strongly to those ‘ to therapy. ‘.

The site provides a patient – eligible survey. Patients have to be between 18 and 60 years old and have failed any existing conventional treatment but they have to undergo enough healthfully healthy a bone marrow transplant. Selected patient should either donation to an agreed Bone Marrow Donor Center from a sibling or an unrelated donor individual who voluntary her bone marrow.

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