Quitting Smoking After MS Diagnosis Might Delay Disease Progression: TUESDAY.

Enough time from disease onset to secondary progressive disease is certainly a widely used way of measuring MS progression, the authors explained in a journal news release. The study included a lot more than 700 MS patients in Sweden who were smokers during their diagnosis. Some individuals continued smoking while others quit within a year, the researchers said. Each additional year of smoking after MS diagnosis accelerated enough time to secondary progressive disease by almost 5 %, the findings showed. People who continued to smoke cigarettes each year after diagnosis converted to secondary progressive disease earlier than those who stop smoking , the extensive research revealed.The scholarly study, which synthesized existing turnover data and reported turnover data from a nationally representative sample of RNs, was executed by the RN Work Task, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It is the only longitudinal research of RNs in the usa. The data comes from surveys of three cohorts of newly-licensed RNs conducted since 2006. Registered nurses leaving their jobs is pricey for hospitals and in addition affects quality of care.

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