Real-time information by the blood flow.

The Flow coupler has a 20MHz Doppler sensor to the flow of blood at the site where the ship is connected is to measure the Doppler sensor provides surgeons reliable, real-time information by the blood flow. The anastomosis, so that immediate action in case of a blockage at the site Synovis previously received a U.S. Patent for this advanced technology.

– We are very pleased to receive FDA marketing approval for the Flow Coupler – a milestone for Synovis, said Richard W. Synovis Life Technologies president and chief executive officer. The Flow Coupler additional feature of the provision of real-time blood flow information makes this an exceptional product, the surgeons in determining. Critical blood supply transplanted soft tissue has been achieved. We believe that the Flow Coupler has more than twice the potential market opportunities of the Coupler, and reinforces our microsurgical group ‘s position as the greatest microsurgeons resource. Our specialized microsurgical sales force is eager to offer surgeons the Flow Coupler. .. Source Affymax,real-timeLife Technologies Receives FDA marketing approval for Flow Coupler Synovis Life Technologies has Food and Drug Administration 510 approval to market its flow pair, established an innovative addition to the received business microvascular anastomoses Coupler used in several surgical procedures to connect small blood vessels more quickly and with equal or greater reliability than hand sewing.The Optics Express focus problems at of lung cancer image forming being part of an ongoing cooperation OSA and the Prevent Cancer Foundation series of workshops a series of workshops to expedite progress in this the range. That Publication editors are James L. Mulshine, vice president of research on Rush University, Thomas M. CEO Stanford Photonics Research centers and fabric in Avila, Senior director of by solutions to the healthcare at Kitware, The special issue builds on background information on the application of imaging approach of lung cancer develop drugs in a previous OSA Monographie released as Quantitative Imaging Tools for Lung Cancer Every Day Drug Assessment.

3D Express releases special focus expenditure emphasis Lung Cancer Every Imaging Research.

A lot of lives saved thanks to modern medicine, 3D for an effective treatment is the ability physicians just interests image tumors in the lungs. To scan while and after treatment, radiologists and the pulmonary depending was of these scans point, she diagnose of the cancer and make the treatment accordingly. The four research activities in the current edition of Optics Express, that highlighted below, to development to the development the new the field of quantitative resonance imaging at challenging clinical problem of lung agents.

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