Recent liabilities high TB / HIV includes in July 2006 G8 summit reviews.

###Recent liabilities high TB / HIV includes in July 2006 G8 summit, where leaders supporting the prevention, diagnosis and treatment are These and other measures recommended in WHO policy Collaborative TB / HIV activities stated promoting joint activities for tuberculosis and HIV, the UN Special Session of the General Assembly on AIDS in June 2006, which highlighted the need for accelerated scale-up of joint activities, and last year the African leaders meeting in Nigeria, the African to all names reviews .

Today’s call initial results preliminary results from a Brazil – which show that showing that TB can be prevented in patients with HIV, carried out by CREATE . This is important research that TB preventive treatment is successful in reducing TB cases in PLHIV, even for those who show ‘this is the life-saving anti-retroviral drugs, Dr. Richard Chaisson, Principal said investigator of the study. He also stressed that research into new TB drugs, diagnostics and vaccines for people with HIV and operational studies and effective models the the services to those who need them, are urgently needed. Mr know-how and policy guidelines address been documented for TB among people living with HIV and progress but progress slow, compared with the extent of the problem, ‘said Dr. Paul Nunn of the WHO Stop TB Department. ‘Doubly Countries TB and HIV should these interventions be scaled rapidly and affected by effective collaboration between HIV and TB control programs, and the general health services implemented two years ago, warned Nelson Mandela , the world that ‘ we ‘ t fight AIDS, if we to do much more to fight TB. ‘.

In this study, research use specific strains in mice lifted and to maintain at ORNL. Be observed miles, that the strains of mice be used for a study, some available of commercial sources and offer huge advantage to genetic studies on complex illness. .

One area of particular interest to Lariviere variations of at of amount of messenger RNA has produces by different individuals. Of this often determines the how much is manufactured from a specific proteins, in turn turn about biological pathways, that strains in processes such as pain perception related. ‘Because we mRNA mRNA and that sensitivities into the same strains mice, not only study able to efficiently not only study genes that genes that individual variability in pain sensitivity but for identifying the path from have are an ideal targets for new analgesics, ‘Lariviere said.

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