Reporting their results online Oct.

Pregnant women should receive pertussis vaccination during pregnancy, according to a recommendation made by the Centers for Disease Control in 2012. Auger said future study will be needed to assess how and if this policy change further affects pertussis hospitalization rates in infants.. Adolescents vaccination for pertussis associated with lower rates of infant hospitalizations Widespread vaccination of adolescents for pertussis was associated with lower rates of infant hospitalizations for the respiratory infection than could have been expected had teens not been inoculated according to brand-new analysis in Pediatrics. Reporting their results online Oct. 21, experts said the study underscores the importance of increasing vaccination rates among teens and adults to stem a continuing pertussis epidemic among infants.– The number of doses necessary to achieve immunity: A unitary dosage of the adjuvanted vaccine and perhaps multiple dosages of the non – adjuvanted vaccine. – The potential for cross-safety against mutations of the virus: The adjuvanted vaccine includes a better likelihood for cross-protection against mutations. Safety The adjuvant utilized by GSK provides been tested in 45 approximately,000 people around the world and has been evaluated by Health Canada and other regulatory authorities within the review of the H5N1 vaccine in the pre-pandemic period.

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