Reports the AP / West Australian (AP / West Australian.

To create. Ban on human embryonic stem cell research raisingannounced the South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare on Thursday that they allow scientists to research to lead to the creation of embryonic stem cells by cloning human embryos, reports the AP / West Australian (AP / West Australian, Human embryonic stem cell research was banned last year after Hwang Woo Suk and colleagues from Seoul National University published fraudulent claims that they are genetically matched embryonic stem cell lines created.

Radiation exposure from radiation exposure from CT and its possible side effects are real concerns, said Mark S. Lead researcher on the study.

Hwang and his team in 2005, two scientific papers Science Science to the somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning technique to 11 embryonic stem cell lines, the genetic similarities with patients aged two to 56 are used to create. Both studies were found, inventions and scientific retreated formally the papers in January 2006. Moreover, Korean National Bioethics Committee in March to remove the ban on human embryonic stem cell cloning research and conditionally so selected the research, said Cho Han – Ik, the deputy head of the committee.‘.. By accumulating data from nearly 3,000 patient of in the Copenhagen City Heart Study, researchers found that those who to dyspnea had significantly higher pro-BNP than normal equivalents. Cardiac disease were responsible for the 2.6 – fold increase pro-BNP level in patients with dyspnea, as compared to those without heart disease, A pulmonary dysfunction been does not. With an increase in on pro-BNP levels in patients with dyspnea Excluding age and sex differences , the researchers found the smaller but significantly different at pro-BNP levels in people with Cardiac disorders in comparison to those not.

Natriuretic peptides in demonstrates the utility helps emergency doctors between the lungs or heart – relative dyspnea or labored distinguishing dyspnea. These peptides are natural antagonists of renin an enzyme in the kidney high blood pressure high blood pressure produced. Shortness of breath out of cardiac complications is very various cause of shortness of breath by pulmonary complications contributes a separate risk and require different treatment schedules. Scientists in Denmark the utility of the usefulness of measure pro – B-type natriuretic peptide levels the screening of the public for a precise diagnosis of dyspnea.

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