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Health authorities in Wisconsin say there are over 3 It is also referred pertussis was reported so far this year. Several other states, including New York, Arizona, and Minnesota also report significantly higher numbers compared to last year. What is whooping cough ? Grams of Bordetella pertussis bacteria that causes pertussis , stain.

6 years old. A booster dose is given when the child is around 11th in the United States encourages parents and adults in general, especially pregnant mothers to get their shots, so they can not spread the disease in infants aged 2 months too young for too young for vaccination, epidemiology of pertussis according to the WHO are about 48 million people fall ill with whooping cough each year, and nearly 295,000 die. Pertussis is a leading cause deaths deaths by vaccinating. 90 percent of all cases occur in poor countries, and particularly in children and infants who have not been vaccinated. Vaccinated children are either protected against infection, or much less severe symptoms if they do develop whooping cough, compared to non – vaccinated children..In another experiment, scientists lead preimplantation genetic diagnosis to embryo stem cell line. Only one cell the embryo from the embryo of a mouse, so that the embryo is implantation implanted into the womb wall and develop normally. To date from said cell from the embryo, the scientists than capable of to produce many stem cell lines. Stem cells are cells which needs in the any kind of cell of to human body can evolve – they champion cell.

Of a mouse destroying embryos , jump moral hurdles.

The researchers, led Robert Lanza, Advanced Cell Technologies in Worcester, Massachusetts carried out two separate processes on mice. They are convinced that with a with which the same man.

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