The American Academy of Allergy

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology AAAAI allergists, asthma specialists, clinical immunologists, allied health professionals and others with a special interest is the study and treatment of allergic diseases . Allergy / immunology specialists are pediatric or internal medicine physicians an additional an additional two years of training, specializing in the treatment of asthma, allergy and immunologic diseases. Established in 1943, the AAAAI has more than 6,500 members in the United States, Canada and 60 other countries.

Joel J. University of Manitoba, and colleagues sought to determine whether early – or low-birth-weight children whose guts are immature and more permeable allowing foods to be absorbed more easily, which have higher risk for allergies, increased one risk of the development of food allergy in comparison with the term or normal-birth-weight children. Examined with the 1995 Manitoba Birth Cohort, researchers 13,980 children ` Of these 592 were children have food allergies. No gestational age or birth weight group had a statistically significant increased risk for food allergy. In children.esearchers found that not prematurity and low birth weight change in the risk change in the risk for the development of food allergies in children. This research suggests the possibility that early introduction of highly allergenic foods early in life, such as peanuts, could prevent, in fact, the development of allergies.

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