The brain s internal stopwatchFrom pouring a glass of milk to the entry of a newspaper article.

With the target position as a cue about when to expect its shift to vertical movement.. Vertically.the brain ‘s internal stopwatchFrom pouring a glass of milk to the entry of a newspaper article, precise timing – down to the thousandth of a second – is the key of the brain that control movement. By studying how monkeys track a visual target, Javier Medina gained new insights into gained new insights into the strategies that the brain uses to measure time. Their results indicate that the brain is measured by evaluating the time duration of a process – with the internal equivalent of a neural stopwatch – and moved calculating the distance calculating the distance , which is an object. However, they found that the monkeys not.

The same. Due to their previous experience, the monkeys would follow in due course move just look up the expected vertical target movement time.

In further tests, the researchers tried to promote the animals learn horizontal distance by coordinating the horizontal distance and speed, so that the track remains the same.. In their experiments, the researchers trained monkeys to track a target moving horizontally across the screen. After a fixed period of time, the target would move abruptly vertically.NPR ‘s ‘Tell Me More’on Monday reported on the CDC study the segment includes comments from Kevin Fenton, director of the CDC National Center for HIV / AIDS, hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention (Martin[1]., ‘Tell Me More,’NPR, the program on Monday examined the problem of HIV / AIDS and the Black the segment includes comments from Wilson (Martin[2], ‘Tell Me More,’NPR,.

Clinton said that the U.S. Fails to prevent the propagation of HIV among blacks is it also added that 30 percent of children of HIV-positive African women born in by the virus, though drug may reduce the risk of the mother-to-child passing HIV to less than 2 percent reduce. He said to Clinton Foundation programs will working to sentences rates .

HIV-positive / AIDS Not Over; need Increased prevention, treatment, Health Systems, says Clinton from Conference on AIDS..

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