The Journal reports.

She said that the sanctions have every time. Medical schools, researchers conducted their study. Jerome Kassirer, a former New England Journal of Medicine editor that medical schools more stringent measures required because the faculty members only up to their ears in financial conflicts and academic medical centers are simply not doing anything about it (Armstrong, Wall Street Journal.. Of the of the JAMA study authors report no financial ties to Pharmaceutical CompaniesWSJ Examines Issue In related news, the Wall Street Journal examined on Wednesday as a wave of recent misconduct of several medical journals have urges more magazines asked ban offending authors of the paper. In addition, medical schools are asked relationships relationships between their researchers and industry stronger, the Journal reports.

The six authors the Journal of the American Medical Association study of women with migraine at increased risk for heart disease not to JAMA reveal that they for for or received research funds, pharmaceutical companies, the treatments for heart disease or migraine, the reports AP / Miami Herald . According to the study, which were published on Wednesday in JAMA, the migraines have with vision problems – even as a migraine aura. Have more than twice the normal risk of serious cardiovascular events JAMA in January implemented a policy that requires financial disclosure by researchers before acceptance for publication of studies and an editorial in the journal noted that pointed out that as a result of JAMA was harder.Where is which degree?The Phase I of places in Southampton the Cancer Research UK Centre, The Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Hospital will last in Manchester, beard and of the London NHS Trust and The Royal Liverpool University Hospital. More information on study will on information to patients Cancer Research UK Cancer Help UK hand available when it finishes to continue.

American researcher have discovered that combining out of imantanib and a drug that is induces cell death was better on inhibition the growth of Ewing sarcoma on mice as a either therapy to its your own.

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