The newly discovered compound.

The newly discovered compound, which in men than in men than in women in the study may help explain certain inclinations toward alcohol or drug dependence, Stoltenberg said. – Impulsivity is an important underlying mechanism in addiction, he said. Our discovery will be crucial part of the causal pathway for addiction is an important step in determining the underlying genetic architecture of this key personality trait. .

The researchers were interested in impulsivity because the trait can predispose any number of behavioral problems – addictions, behavioral control, in the absence, foresight to plan or think about consequences of actions – and settled on the role of the NXRN3 of previous, recent studies.

A new study suggests the answer is yes – especially if you’re a man.The research, from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln assistant professor of psychology Scott Stoltenberg led found links between impulsivity and a rarely researched gene called NRXN3.The research to DSRTF supports also a direct and broad applicability of general public, particular in relation to which studies of atherosclerotic disorders and cancers with solid tumors such breast and colon cancer.

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