The project for the evaluation of new vaccine technologies for influenza.

First, the project for the evaluation of new vaccine technologies for influenza, d dengue fever, a mosquito-borne infection, diseases that affect millions of people worldwide focus. Later the project will develop models of epidemic pertussis vaccine, rotavirus, pneumococcus, malaria and tuberculosis.

Vaccines. Through the use of computer models to conduct ‘epidemiology in silicon, we will be in a position to impact of new vaccine candidates testing technologies and choose the most effective strategies. .. Risksmore education on diabetes during pregnancyThe American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Diabetes Association in the next month planning a joint campaign to raise awareness of pregnancy increase risk of diabetes, USA Today reports start. An increasing number of women are either starting pregnancies with existing type 1 or type 2 diabetes – known as pre – gestational diabetes. Or gestational diabetes to Kirkman, vice president of clinical affairs for ADA Sue Kirkman said that of miscarriage of miscarriage, delivery complications, maternal health problems and birth defects.In 15 years following diagnosis were the survival rate of women to Mitral valve and belching no improve than men, but survival were worse on women who have severe vomiting, compared to men. ‘Physicians who has patient with a Mitralklappenprolaps and must moderate to severe regurgitation be vigilant body of body size, quantify leakage consider as much as and carefully Mayo Clinic, if the belching has difficult to so the female. Such men able also surgery and its excellent long-term benefits discount to be ‘, Enriquez – Sarano tells.

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Leaks by Mitral valve are less aggressive than men and is dealt with at higher risk.

This underestimating the cardiac enlargement was perhaps the primary reason why women were have surgery having moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation of less than men for. Is essential that this underestimation can be has effect on survival of diagnosis, he says.

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