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The rising U.S. Cesarean rate reflects a number of factors – including a tendency to c-sections to decide early in the labor market, a increase the supply of labor inductions and fewer attempts vaginal births in women who previous c-sections have – to investigate after the first study, the frequency surgical supplies began before or after the work has been carried out, the New York Times reports (Grady New, York Times .

The increase in c-section rates debate and debate and concern because surgical deliveries have higher risks for women and their children pose as vaginal deliveries, according to the Times. The c – at higher risk of at higher risk for complications such as placental abnormalities and possible uterine rupture in subsequent pregnancies. In addition, c-sections cost almost twice as much as vaginal deliveries.

SOURCES OF:.Ollberding NJ, mincer Directive, Contento I. Food label use of and with food intake among U.S. Adults Journal of the American diet Assoc 2010; 110:1233-1237 DOI: 10,007.

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