The study is the first to show.

The study is the first to show, downloadable LIA software dramatically reduces the likelihood of unnecessary shocks in real patients. The results indicate the possibility of further improvements to devices while they are implanted, the researchers said.

Stopwatch apps, try one level of that iPhone users that iPhone users are not experienced in the healthcare sector; StopWatch Media objective is to help the quality of health care by saving doctors and health care practitioners time and add convenience to their daily routines.. Implanted defibrillators monitor the heart ‘s electrical activity and a shock to the heart back into a normal rhythm if the heart rate is too fast , and a life a life. But if the lead wires that break the device to the heart muscle, the defibrillator may interpret rapid electrical signals caused by the rupture as from the heart – delivering one or more unnecessary and often painful shocks, Swerdlow said.

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